Fallen Kingdom


Second Chance Forced Proximity Secret Past

His Hollow Heart

A pact made. Two orphans who vowed to never part. I was selfish—for once, I had to be. The last time I saw Callum he was standing at the dormer window as I sat in the back seat of a car. His dark eyes foreign to me. The hatred that radiated from his glare shot through me with more force than a silver bullet. In a matter of minutes he had become a stranger. He was no longer my best friend. He was now a boy with a hollow heart who was headed down a dark path. A path I knew I’d never cross again. Or, so I thought.
We had a deal—always stay together. The day Bella left, I vowed I would find her. And when I did, she would feel what I felt as I watched her pull away into a new life, with a new family. Leaving me behind to endure a life that was wrapped inside the hands of a monster. It’s been twelve years, but I’ve finally found her. Now it’s time for her to bask in the darkness she’s created inside of me.


Second Chance Forced Proximity Secret Past

Her Broken Pieces

His hollow heart called to me.

Charred black from years of his own torture.

An urge to fill the empty spaces that I was responsible for when I left him.

He thought I deserved the same wrath he endured all those years ago.


I came when I was summoned.

Unaware that my past was waiting behind closed doors.

One look into those eyes that wore dark shades of fury, and I knew this was part of his plan.


With time, I started to see fragments of the boy I once knew.

Before long, he was a man holding the key to my heart.

Now that I’m ready to give him all of me, he’s gone and all that’s left is the broken pieces of my shattered heart.