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Forget Me Not

It should have been a harmless swindle.

A survival tactic, plain and simple.

Because I, Rhea Thorn, am a survivor.

At least, I thought I was…

Until I conned a psycho.

After a meaningless one night stand, I emptied his wallet and fled before the morning sun.

By that night, I had seventeen missed calls, and a broken window with a note:

You can keep what you stole, but I get you in return.

Everywhere I go, he’s there—blurring the vision between right and wrong, while enticing me with his sultry blue eyes.

Alaric promised me I’d never forget him.

And I’m beginning to fear he’s right.

Forget Me Not is a dark romance with an over-the-top obsessive anti-hero who will trigger your triggers, and a heroine who fights as hard as she falls.


Brother’s Best Friend Emotional Scars Friends to Lovers

All the Little Things

Four years ago my life was forever changed.

One kiss.

One moment.

Five words.

“Enjoy all the little things.”

That’s what Ryker said the night before he vanished from our lives for good.

So that’s what I did. I lived each day like it was the last—embracing all life had to offer.

Now he’s back in town and staying with me as a favor to my brother.

Being alone with Ryker is dangerous.

His eyes intoxicate me.

His touch tempts me.

He doesn’t look at me like I’m a little girl anymore.

And I’m ignoring the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend.

He dared me to live.

I dared him to love.

The first kiss almost killed me.

But the second one brought me back to life.


Step-siblings Enemies to Lovers High School Bully Forbidden

Devil Heir

Something so wrong has no business feeling this good.

I met the devil when I was fourteen years old.

Just a kid himself, he was hellbent on making me miserable.

By fifteen I hated him.

When I was sixteen, I moved as far away as I could.

Since I’ve left, my life has been simple—peaceful and still.

I had no intention of ever returning to Skull Creek.

Until tragedy struck and I was called back.


It’s been two years since I saw my step-brother.

I hoped he had changed.

But the devil is still the same.


He’s arrogant and ruthless.

Rules the town with an iron fist.

Where he walks, crowds part.

Now his blame is set on me, along with his dark orbs of hate.

It’s time to show him I’m not the same girl I was back then.

If he pushes, I’ll push harder.

Where I bend, he will break.

As long as he doesn’t find my weakness, I can survive this.

Even if my weakness has become the devil himself.


Enemies to Lovers Secret Identity

Ruthless Rookie

Fresh off a plane from France, I was ready for a little reprieve.
After a wild night and a few too many drinks, I ended up in a hotel room with a complete stranger.

I didn’t think I’d ever see him again—boy, was I wrong.
Two days later, he walks into my dad’s office.

He was looking for the man in charge.
Instead, he found me—the boss’s daughter.
A few sly remarks about my family had me all too skeptical about revealing my identity.

It’s a good thing I held back,
because it seems he’s got an opinion about the Big Wig’s daughter, too.


So, I let him believe I was an employee, too.
A measly assistant with the curiosity of a cat.
At least, that’s what he thought.

Now I can find out why he’s painted this dark picture of my family.
And it’s time to show him that I’m more than a name in the rumor mill.




An emotional military romance written in K.Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.

When I left this town, I left behind a piece of my heart. I did it for us. Enlisted in the army, served overseas–it was all for a better life. A life she deserved. A farmhouse with a white picket fence, a dog, kids–the American Dream. Going home to her has always been the plan. I just didn’t anticipate any other reasons for escaping this sandpit.

Now I’m back. Burying our dreams. A shattered heart and no mending in sight. Guarded like a shield to protect me from a pain that I never knew existed. I didn’t think I could possibly move on, let alone with someone else. And never with her sister.